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Ref: 32 Date Posted: Thursday 11 Jan 2018
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Are you a European hotel or restaurant management professional, seeking to advance your career?

Do you have experience with, and do you aspire to work with hotels or restaurants which are a member of or similar to Relais & Chateaux™, Small Luxury Hotels of the World™, the Leading Hotels of the World™, Preferred Hotels & Resorts™, or the Autograph Collection™, the Luxury Collection™ and Design Hotels™ by Marriott™.

Must-have qualifications

  • Candidates must have an EU passport, while for vacancies outside of the EU either a local or EU passport is required.
  • Candidates must have gained a minimum of 5-years of experience as (Asst.) Department Heads with international hotels or restaurants.
  • Candidates must speak and write, besides their native language, fluent English. Candidates who speak and also write German, or French, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Italian are to mention this in their CV.

About Hotel Talent Search

Our niche is to recruit professional European hoteliers who have the DNA, mindset, and maturity to fit independent or franchised hotels and restaurants only.

  • Hotel Talent Search is 100% free of charge to Candidates, while the privacy of your data is assured.
  • You will never be presented to a possible employer without your prior consent; nor are your references checked before you agree to this.
  • Our service is personalised, differentiates itself from mass job-boards, and is, in essence, a referral service which works on the basis of common trust, respect and professionalised.    

CV, Registration and Application Basics

Please, be bold, but truthful and only present yourself based on your strengths, not on your needs. Please, assure all information is correct and detailed. Providing wrong, or false information will lead to immediate disqualification!

  • Please, be realistic about your passport, and language capability. Hotel Talent Search is not a government agency and does not issue or facilitate a visa, work or residence permit.
  • Please, make sure your CV shows your nationality, your current place of residence, your date of birth and age, your gender, and what languages you speak and write (native, fluent and average).


  • Please, make sure positions are listed chronological, starting with your most recent, and mention FROM - TO, ROLE, and LOCATION (City / Country).
  • Please, be available, and reply to e-mails within the day. Those applicants who provide poor or inconsistent correspondence will be disqualified.

Registration Procedure

  • Your career details will be automatically saved in our database when applying.
  • In case our review of your registration is in your favour, we will invite you to complete a Self-Assessment Interview.
  • Candidates which successfully complete their Assessment Interview will be considered for shortlisting of future career opportunities.

Follow us!

  • We suggest, also, you visit us on LinkedIn, and follow our career page, so you stay informed when a new opportunity will be posted!
  • When you see an opportunity which you both like, and for which you believe in meeting the qualifications (Passport, language and skill-set), then please apply through the job-link!